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Back in 2009, I had my first Davidoff Colorado Claro based on a suggestion from Jerry Cruz over at After I smoked the cigar it was the third highest rated cigar that I ever smoked, I called it the definition of “The Good Life” a homage to then Davidoff manager Michael Herklots’ blog.

Since 2009 the cigar has seen a yearly release, and just received the 2014 edition so being I am back in the home office on Friday I decided to light up one of my guilty pleasures in terms of size, and that is the short perfect.

Cigar: Davidoff Colorado Claro
Size: Short Perfecto (4 7/8 x 52)
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium

The Look: I’ve always considered the Short Perfecto to be the signature size of Davidoff even though that is not the official case. The size to me screams Davidoff and the perfecto size isn’t duplicated to perfection outside the Davidoff family. The toothy wrapper with some thin veins is rolled to perfection with barely a seam visible. The dual band system has Colorado Claro as a secondary, white the primary being the classically elegant Davidoff band of white and gold with the size on the side of the logo. Under the fingers the cigar like fine silk, with some hints of oils and a nice weight.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Short Perfecto has a declines sweetness to it, with hints of honey and nuts. Missing is the classic barnyard Davidoff note which is a nice change of pace. The aroma off the wrapper almost has a mint julep quality to it. Once the cigar is lit, there is that slight mint like aroma over earth.

Diving into the first half of the cigar I am amazed but the lime like note that is dominant on the cigar and the hint of freshly pressed mint. The cigar is as smooth as they come with an elegance about it, that has me feeling a tad under dressed  (jeans and button down shirt). As we approach the half-way point the Davidoff Colorado loses the lime/mint note and becomes nutty, like fresh picked peanuts from the road side stands in Georgia.

As we cross over to the other side, the second half develops a Meringue like note with some honey and nuts. Through the nose there is some spice, as in the final inch, the cigar remained exceptionally cool and took on a warm buttery note over the spice filled aroma.

The Burn: I was incredibly surprised that the cold draw of the cigar was so fluid despite the really small perfecto tip, that I refer to as the nipple on this particular size. Once the cigar was lit, the draw remained iconic, with a light color ash that had some marble like qualities to it that held for close to half a cigar. The razor-sharp and thing burn line were consistent til I could no longer hold the cigar.

The Finish: Perhaps I have been hanging around Jonathan too much, who despite his sarcasm has grown on me but I feel like some of the notes I use to describe the cigar have been unleashed by the little game we play on each show of The Cigar Authority. The Davidoff Colorado Claro might not be one of the top 3 rated cigars of all time anymore, but it still ranks up there pretty damn high. A release I look forward to every year, it has yet to disappoint even with its hefty price tag.

Score: 95
Price: $15.00 ea / $142.99 Box of 10

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Davidoff Colorado Claro Foot

Davidoff Colorado Claro Foot

Davidoff Colorado Claro Burn

Davidoff Colorado Claro Burn

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