Selected Tobacco’s Atabey Cigars Launches Limited Edition 10-Year Extra Aged Cigars at PCA Trade Show




Atabey Cigars, a renowned brand under Selected Tobacco’s portfolio, is set to unveil its highly anticipated Limited Edition 10-Year Extra Aged cigars at this year’s Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show in Las Vegas. The launch marks a milestone in the brand’s journey, as the cigars have undergone an extended aging process to deliver an exceptional and intensified flavor profile.

Since its introduction to the United States market in 2010, Atabey Cigars has captivated aficionados with its limited production and meticulous craftsmanship. The initial release featured three sizes: Brujos, Divinos, and Delicios, packaged in exquisite porcelain jars of 25. These cigars were extremely limited then and virtually impossible to find today. In 2013, Atabey Misticos and Atabey Dioses joined the lineup after a minimum of five years of post-roll aging. Today, Atabey is available in 12 sizes, all 5 years post rolled aged.

Among the 12 sizes currently offered by Atabey, the Atabey Dioses (8″ x 50) claims the title of the longest. This size was specifically chosen as an experiment for further aging, pushing the boundaries of flavor development.

Nelson Alfonso, the visionary owner and creator of Selected Tobacco, employs a unique aging process in the cigar industry. After the cigars are rolled, they are placed in cedar wood rooms reminiscent of wooden barrels used in whisky aging. However, these rooms are constructed from a unique blend of five different types of cedar wood, spanning from floor to ceiling. The humidity levels are carefully controlled, fluctuating daily. This meticulous approach sets Atabey cigars apart from all others.

The question that intrigued Nelson Alfonso was the effect of doubling the aging period from 5 to 10 years. Drawing an analogy to Scotch whisky, the transformation is akin to comparing Macallan 12-year with Macallan 18-year. The additional six years imparts distinct changes in flavor and complexity, with the latter commanding a significantly higher price. Just as Macallan 12 costs $80 and Macallan 18 five times that at $400, the extended aging of Atabey cigars adds an entirely new dimension to their character and value.

At the upcoming PCA Trade Show, United Cigar, the exclusive distributor of all Selected Tobacco products, including Atabey Cigars, will proudly present the Limited Edition 10-Year Extra Aged Atabey Dioses. These extraordinary cigars will be strictly limited to 575 total boxes and will be offered at no additional charge, although a minimum order will be required.

The extended 10-year aging process, combined with the unique conditions of the cedar rooms and the carefully managed humidity levels, has brought forth an extraordinary flavor profile. Rather than mellowing, the flavors have intensified, reminiscent of a chef skillfully reducing a sauce to achieve perfect concentration.

As time is a precious commodity, it is expected that the costs of these extraordinary cigars will follow a similar trajectory as the Macallan example. However, for now, Selected Tobacco and United Cigars celebrate the successful completion of another remarkable 10-year experiment, delivering an exceptional smoking experience to cigar connoisseurs.

For more information and to experience the Limited Edition 10-Year Extra Aged Atabey cigars, visit the United Cigar booth at the PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas.



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