Senate Passes 2020 Spending Bill Which Includes Tobacco 21 *Update*

For the past couple of years states and cities have taken it upon themselves to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21. In the midst of the impeachment hearings, the 2020 Budget was crafted in the dead of night. Included in this document which was over 2,300 pages long was a measure that would raise the tobacco purchase age to 21.

The budget which now heads to the desk of President Donald Trump will remove exemptions that currently exists in some states for members of the military.

In a video posted to Facebook, Senator Ted Cruz started by sparking up a cigar, and stating that “This pile of trash belongs in an ashtray” before stubbing out a cigar he lit into the top of it.

The spending bill is expected to be signed by President Trump before midnight on Friday ahead of the looming deadline that would shut down the government.

Update: The bill has been signed by President Trump and will likely take effect sometime in the 2Q or 3Q of 2020.

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