Sunday Funnies: Sam Stogie Reviews 22N/83W

This week Sam Stogie reviews a cigar as only he can. The 22N/83W stands for the Latitude and Longitude where you will find Hacienda el Corojo, a plantation that once (1930 – 1990) grew arguably the best tobacco in the world.

Today, having low yield and being highly susceptible to disease that tobacco seed is not used there anymore, but the seeds still exists. 22N/83W uses authentic El Corojo seed in its entire 5-Country blend, from its Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican el Corojo filler, to its Costa Rican certified el Corojo binder and is finished off with a lush, oily Brazilian el Corojo seed Wrapper.

But enough of that, here is what Sam Stogie says:

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