Tabernacle David & Goliath Cigar Review

The Tabernacle David & Goliath isn’t a new blend but they are two new sizes in the line by Foundation Cigar Company. The sizes were inspired by Foundation’s art director, Thief Operandi, and Nick Melillo love of Ethopian art According to Melillo, “Haile Selassie and the crown of Ethiopia trace its root to King David – and the story of his battle with Goliath is timeless.” Today we review both sizes in one review.

Cigar Review: The Tabernacle
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: San Andres
Filler: Honduras (Jamastraan) & Nicaragua (Esteli, Jalapa)
David Size: 5 x 54
Goliath Size: 5 x 58
Shape: Perfecto

The Look: Both cigars come in the same packaging as the rest of the Tabernacle line with a slide top box. The David & Goliath come in a perfecto size that has a familiar look to it. The bands for these two sizes are different than the rest of the line with rendition of David v Goliath in an Ethiopian style artwork with a second band that denotes the size. The wrappers have a nice amount of oils to them and both sticks are firm to the touch.

The Notes: 

The Tabernacle Goliath 5 x 58 (Smoked First) The Tabernacle David 5 x 54 (Smoked Second)
The cold draw has a metallic taste to them  which isn’t what I expected, but I am determined to keep an open mind. The aroma from the wrapper and the foot has a cocoa component, which puts my cold draw concerns to rest.

Once we light up the cigar there is no remnants of the metallic taste as the cigar develops a delicious cinnamon component with a touch of mocha. The retrohale serves up a some pepper and leather with the latter lingering on the moderate finish.

Moving into the second third the cigar develops some earthiness and a touch of dark roast coffee. At times the coffee becomes dominant, but for the most part its leather and earth on the now long finish while the retrohale serves up a touch of vanilla and an abundance of black pepper.

As we slide into the final third the leather and earth pull back considerably as notes of mocha begins to emerge and the cigar itself becomes much smoother. The last third is by far the best third of the Goliath.

The cold draw of the David is considerably different with notes of peanuts shells and a subtle cocoa. The aroma off the foot has a faint wisp of cocoa which is less noticeable then the Goliath.

As we light up the cigar there is a subtle hint of lemon zest that serves as the initial flavor profile. As we move deeper into the first third some orange marmalade develops with a touch of marshmallow and caramel. The draw is tighter than the Goliath but it’s not a tough draw by any means.

The second third slides more in line with the Goliath as notes of leather and earth begin to emerge as the dominant flavor profile. In the background is a hint of dark chocolate and marshmallow which provides a subtle sweetness. The finish isn’t as long, but it is chock full of leather with black pepper on the retrohale.

As we slide into the last third, notes of leather and earth remain, though they aren’t as potent as the large ring gauge. There is a subtle nuttiness present along with some coffee notes. The retrohale has a lot of black pepper that singe the nostrils and the finish of the cigar is long, dark and leathery.

The Finish: These two are definitely not my favorite sizes of the Tabernacle line, but if you are looking for something strong this one is right up your alley. As I was finishing the David I couldn’t help think how awesome these would pair with some bourbon. Perhaps the sweetness of bourbon would tone down the cigars some, but I believe the “leather tongues” out there would love these. As far as me, I would really have to be in the mood.

Score: Goliath (90) David (92)
Price: Dave $12.19/$269.99 / Goliath $14.19 / $314.99

Tabernacle David & Goliath

Tabernacle David & Goliath Foot

Tabernacle David Burn

Tabernacle Goliath Burn

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