Tabernacle Lancero Cigar Review

Fact is the top three selling cigar sizes are Robusto, Toro, and Gordo. But if you look on social media it would appear the top-selling cigar sizes are Corona and Lancero. Does the social media cigar connoisseur know something you may not. Much to the dismay of our own David Garofalo I will reach for a Lancero or Corona more often than not, but why?

For me the answer is the fact that the majority of the flavor comes from the wrapper. With less filler tobacco the experience is different and often better. The average consumer looks at the prices on the shelf and sees today’s cigar costing more than a Toro so they lean toward the fatter cigar, not knowing they are giving up on flavor.

What are your thoughts?

Cigar Review: The Tabernacle
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: San Andres (Mexico)
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 40
Vitola: Lancero

The Look: The 24 count box of the Tabernacle features a slide-top box. Once the top is removed there is a groove to rest the lid on for presentation on cigar shop shelves. Inside the cigars are held together without cello by a black ribbon. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper has a rustic look to it, and feels like fine sandpaper under the fingers. It’s a dark cigar with a dark band accented by gold foil. In the hand its firm with no voids of tobacco and a hefty weight.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Tabernacle Lancero remains me of wheat with a subtle hint of sweetness and cedar. The aroma off the foot and wrapper mimic that of the cold draw with the wheat being dominant. After we quickly toast and light the 40 ring gauge smoke the first note is a dried fruit.

Moving into the first third there is a touch of leather, that slowly slides into the background. Once the leather slides back the dried fruit note experienced on the first light begins to emerge with hints of wheat and coffee. On the retrohale of the cigar there is some pepper and chocolate notes.

The second third of this slow burning lancero becomes considerably sweeter with notes of chocolate and caramel. The dried fruit of the first third is more of an afterthought at this point of the smoke. As the sweetness continues to build some earth develops that lingers on the finish. The retrohale adds some pepper to the mix as well.

The last third of the cigar sees notes of red pepper dominate with a subtle sweetness on the finish. There is a touch of cedar on the retorhale with elements of earth.

The Finish: This was a slow smoking Lancero that stayed lit from first light to last puff. It’s flavors were sharp and easily identifiable throughout. In short it was a flavor bomb and the size showcases the blend well. This Lancero is worthy of being part of your regulation rotation and as a result a box purchase is highly recommended.

Score: 93
Price: $12.69 / $269.99

Tabernacle Lancero

Tabernacle Lancero

Tabernacle Lancero Foot

Tabernacle Lancero Foot

Tabernacle Lancero Burn

Tabernacle Lancero Burn


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