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22N / 83W

VODCast: Inflation Boosts Private Label Brands including CIGARS!

This week on The Cigar Authority, Mr. Jonathan, David Garofalo, amd Ed Sullivan talk about Private Label products including cigars brands. We will smoke the Dos Hombre Nicaraguan Robusto, a house brand for Two Guys Smoke Shop. With the economy taking a hit, you might want to take your chances with a private label house brand. In the 2nd hour, we will light up another private label brand called 22 degrees North, 83 degrees West, […]

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VODCast: The Cigar Industry Prediction Show

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… It is one of our most listened to shows each and every year since we began doing it. It’s also our most controversial show to some. Everyone waits for it our listeners, manufacturers and other bloggers… It’s the long awaited PREDICITIONS SHOW… We look into the Crystal Ball & Guess on Mergers, Acquisitions & Trends in the Cigar […]

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VODCast: Your Burning Cigar Questions Answered

With Dave on his way to Miami for the Super Bowl after spending a week in Las Vegas at TPE, the boys take charge of the show. Will they be stooges or musketeers? In the first hour Mr. Jonathan is in charge of the show we fire up one of his favorite cigars that happens to be part of the February Care Package. We smoke 22N / 83W as we address your burning cigar questions […]

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22N / 83W Corona Extra Cigar Review

With my wedding on Saturday, I decided to review one of my Best Man’s favorite cigars… 22N/83W stands for the Latitude and Longitude where you will find Hacienda el Corojo, a plantation that once (1930 – 1990) grew arguably the best tobacco in the world. Today, having low yield and being highly susceptible to disease Corojo is is not used anymore, but the seeds still exists. 22N/83W uses authentic El Corojo seed in its entire 5-Country […]

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22N / 83W Cigar Review

Over the past couple of weeks some of our regulars and social media friends have pointed out that the 22N / 83W is one of their favorite “budget” cigars at under $100 a box. I couldn’t agree more but I was surprised to see I never reviewed the cigar which is part of my regular rotation. The 22N/83W stands for the Latitude and Longitude where you will find Hacienda el Corojo, a plantation that once (1930 – […]

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