22N / 83W Cigar Review

Over the past couple of weeks some of our regulars and social media friends have pointed out that the 22N / 83W is one of their favorite “budget” cigars at under $100 a box. I couldn’t agree more but I was surprised to see I never reviewed the cigar which is part of my regular rotation.

The 22N/83W stands for the Latitude and Longitude where you will find Hacienda el Corojo, a plantation that once (1930 – 1990) grew arguably the best tobacco in the world.

Today, having low yield and being highly susceptible to disease that tobacco seed is not used there anymore, but the seeds still exists. 22N/83W uses authentic El Corojo seed in its entire 5-Country blend, from its Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican el Corojo filler, to its Costa Rican certified el Corojo binder and is finished off with a lush, oily Brazilian el Corojo seed Wrapper.

Cigar Review: 22N / 83W
Size: 5.5 x 46 (Corona Extra)
Wrapper: Brazil (El Corojo)
Binder: Costa Rica (El Corojo)
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican (El Corojo)
Strength: Medium

The Look: The chestnut colored Brazilian El Corojo wrapper has a rustic aged appearance to it with a very faint plume visible to the naked eye that gets lost in the flash of the photography. There are some veins present and the cigar is seamlessly rolled. The gold, yellow and black band features a compass with the coordinates of 22N/83W. In the hand there are no soft spots and the foot is nicely packed.

The Draw:  The cold draw serves up some salty notes of cashews with a subtle earth. I got lost on the cold draw enjoying it for quite some time. Once we move to the foot of the cigar and the aroma of the wrapper the nose is cedar from the cabinet boxes the cigars are packaged in.

After the cigar is lit the notes of cashews remain with a nice saltiness to it as well. Also in the mix are some almonds and walnuts and a touch of earth. About a quarter-inch in, I retrohale the cigar for the first time and am treated to a touch of leather and a blast of black pepper. The cigar is medium in body but full in terms of flavor at this point with a short to moderate finish. Around the half way point some coffee comes into play that has a subtle hint of espresso.

In the second third the notes of nuts lose their dominance as the flavors of coffee become dominant. There is a hint of earth present on the finish which has become moderate in length. Through the nose the black pepper remains as well as on the aroma as the cigar becomes shorter.

The 22N / 83W concludes with well-defined notes of walnuts and pralines. As we move past the band some cedar comes into play as the pepper notes begin to subside. The aroma of the cigar is sweet and woody with a moderate finish that doesn’t saturate the palate.

The Burn: The 22N / 83W comes from Jesus Fuego and the cigar burns with a razor-thin combustion line that is even. As the cigar burns it reveals a smooth looking light color ash that holds firm for more than a third of the cigar a time. The perfect draw and nice smoke production makes this cigar even more enjoyable on every puff.

The Finish: Finding a great box of cigars for under $100 can be difficult, but the 22N / 83W provides an experience that is worth more than the price of admission. The Brazilian wrapper creates an epic flavor profile making this one of my favorite value cigars on the market today. The notes of nuts, coffee and earth mixed in with pepper delivers every time.

Score: 93
Price: $5.99 each / $99.99 box @ 2GuysCigars.com

22N / 83W Burn

22N / 83W Burn


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