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Premium Cigars Win The Big One – FDA Regulations Vacated

The premium cigar industry celebrates a groundbreaking victory as the United States District Court for the District of Columbia issued a landmark ruling in the case of Cigar Association of America et al, v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration et al. The court’s decision to fully vacate the FDA’s deeming rule for premium cigars marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s longstanding struggle against what has been deemed arbitrary and capricious regulation. For over a […]

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JC Newman on Fox News Regarding FDA Regulations

On Sunday night, Fox News aired a story on how FDA regulation is severely threatening America’s historic premium cigar industry.  The piece was filmed at J.C. Newman’s 109-year-old cigar factory in Tampa, Florida and features Eric and Bobby Newman describing J.C. Newman’s efforts to seek relief from FDA regulation. As cigar smokers we appreciate the efforts of cigar makers like JC Newman for keeping this story in the public eye. For those interested in the […]

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Say Goodbye To Beautiful Cigar Boxes – FDA Fallout Continues

Currently in country of Australia, all cigar boxes look the same. The colors are cool gray 2c, The font that is used is Lucida Sans 12, and the images are a series of revolving images from diseased lungs, to a person’s foot with a toe tag attached. The FDA Rules that came out today imposes new packaging guidelines for the cigar industry and while not as extreme it will change how a cigar box looks […]

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