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Camacho Liberty 2021 Cigar Review

This year marks 19 years of Camacho Liberty and is launched to celebrate and honor the birth and history of the United States, this special series is like no other. The strength and character are captured in an uncompromising blend of tobaccos from four origins and handrolled in a Churchill format. The extended fermentation and aging reflect the sacrifice and devotion required to obtain and appreciate Liberty with the multi-regional tobaccos that unite and are unrelenting all the way […]

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Eiroa Jamastran 11/18 Cigar Review

The latest cigar from Christian Eiroa is named after an area of Honduras that is special to him and as his family. The Jamastran Valley has been home to family patriarch Julio Eiroa since the early 1960s. It is also home to El Corojo the farm which grows Authentic Corojo from seeds obtained by the family in the 1980s. The cigar is available in two sizes, with the 11/18 limited to Tobacconist Association of America […]

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Camacho Liberty 2016 Cigar Review

The Camacho Liberty has been in production since 2002 and it will be interesting to see if this line can survive the FDA regulations that are almost upon us. While the cigar has been marketed continuously since the 2007 date; then the blend has changed from year to year. According to a press release, “This year’s Camacho Liberty cigar is a rich and powerful blend featuring tobaccos from five different origins, skillfully rolled in a […]

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News: Camacho Liberty 2014

Introducing the new Camacho Liberty 2014 Series, a complex blend of rare tobaccos from three different countries and four different vintages. As with all releases of the Liberty Series, this cigar is based on a concept blend where the tobacco is too limited in supply to be put into a regular production. The cigar is medium-to-full bodied and features an oily Habano wrapper from Ecuador grown in 2005. The Corojo 2006 binder adds a pronounced layer […]

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