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Cigar Review: Freud Cigar Company Superego Lonsdale

I believe this cigar flew under the radar of many people attending PCA 2022 as well as those awaiting new releases. I was unaware of the company until David Garofalo mentioned it on our podcast and how he wanted to try it. Freud Cigar Company was founded by Luis Torres and David Stadnyk. Mr. Torres served as the GM for the Davidoff flagship store on Madison Ave in New York City. Mr. Stadnyk is a […]

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Cigar Review: Rojas KSG Lonsdale

Noel Rojas has embraced the small ring gauge since he began making cigars and is the self-proclaimed King of the Small Gauge cigars. This year he has released his third Rojas KSG limited edition which is a Lonsdale measuring 6.25 x 42. Made at the Rojas Cigar Factory in Esteli, Nicragua the KSG is limited to 1,000 boxes of 10 cigars. The cigar utilizes tobaccos grown in the Somoto region of Nicaragua which is locate 55 […]

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Cigar Review: Studio 21 No. 2 Lonsdale

Consider a room known as a studio. A room where craft is King. Perhaps a record studio where legendary music is composed. A move studio where great stores are captured frame by frame, or even a woodworking studio where a natural material is perfectly formed into an elegant design. A studio is also where fine cigars are crafted. Welcome to Studio 21. Where a very special cigar was created and named fittingly ‘Studio 21‘. These are the words […]

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Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch Orpheus Cigar Review

While the Aganorsa shade grown Corojo Maduro has been around for more than a couple of months, it seems like the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch has been the most anticipated release from Aganorsa Leaf that utilizes the wrapper. The original blend was a joint project via Warped Cigars & Aganorsa, however this blend is solely the work of Max Fernandez of Nicaragua based Aganorsa Leaf. It’s available in four sizes each of which is […]

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Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Cigar Review

Back in June, Steve Saka announced a line extension fro Todos Las Dias in the form of Mas Fuerte. The name Mas Fuerte translates to stronger, but the question is does the cigar ramp things up enough to deserve the name. Today we look at this Thick Lonsdale and answer that question on The Cigar Authority. Cigar Review: Todos Las Dias Mas Fuerte Wrapper:Nicaraguan Sungrown Criollo Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Length: 6″ Ring Gauge: 46 Size: Thick Lonsdale The Look: Like the […]

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Guardian of the Farm Apollo Cigar Review

A bit shy of two weeks ago we reviewed the Guardian of the Farm Rambo which I alluded to as being my favorite size of the line versus the review of today’s cigar which is currently the most popular. I promised at the time a review of the Apollo as a comparison to that review and a reader reached out to me on Facebook asking when this review would be written. So without further adieu we […]

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Dos Hombres Cabinet Honduran Lonsdale Cigar Review

I feel like a kid the day before Christmas. Although, last night I went and snuck a peak at the new studio for the The Cigar Authority which is a part of the United Podcast Network tomorrow we will official debut it. Today’s review is one of the cigars we will feature on the show albeit in a different size. The cigar brings back the modern-day version of the 5 cent cigar. No matter where […]

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Dos Hombres Dominican Cabinet Lonsdale Cigar Review

This weekend we will be debut a new soundstage on the La Flor Dominicana set of the The Cigar Authority which is a part of the United Podcast Network. Today’s cigar comes to us from United Cigar, and it’s one of the cigars we will feature on the show albeit in a different size. The cigar brings back the modern day version of the 5 cent cigar. No matter where you live, the cigar will be […]

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Warped Flor Del Valle Cristales Burn

Flor del Valle Cristales by Warped – Cigar Review

Warped Cigars was founded in 2009 by a then 19-year-old Kyle Gellis but things didn’t fully take off until the company attended their first IPCPR in 2014. What sets Warped Cigars apart from other boutique manufacturers in my mind is they haven’t created their name on strong cigars. The future of Warped might be in danger though as none of their brands make the predicate date of 2007. Like many newer manufacturers they are taking […]

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Dos Hombres Honduran Maduro Burn

Dos Hombres Honduran Maduro Cigar Review

When I first started smoking cigars my go to cigar was a $4.00 Padron 2000 Natural. Over the years, cigar prices have skyrocketed but there are still some great value cigars out there. Tomorrow we will look at those cigars on The Cigar Authority. However, with my vacation 2 months away I have begun cutting back on my purchases to save a few extra dollars here and there which should add up to a really […]

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