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IPCPR 2018 – Crowned Heads

It’s the shortest day of the IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas and most companies choose to go with reduced personal at the booth. But there is still business being conducted and David Garofalo stopped by the Crowned Heads to show us the new items on display. The first item was the 6 x 60 Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018. It’s the first time Jon Huber and gang have released a 60 ring gauge cigar, and […]

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And The Nominees Are…

We smoke a lot of cigars at The Cigar Authority and after much deliberation we have selected the Top 8 that make up the Contenders for Cigar of the Year. It’s no easy task and with a few cigars coming in after we put together the list of 8, we already have a few cigars to consider for next year. We will announce the winner of the 2017 Cigar of the Year on the December […]

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Crowned Heads Luminosa Toro Cigar Review

When Luminosa was released to some select stores in 2016 prior to the FDA ban on new products the future wasn’t so bright. Now that Luminosa has been┬áreleased nationwide, the future isn’t as dark thanks to a press release from the FDA a week ago. In case you haven’t figured it out, Luminosa translates from Italian to Bright in English. The cigar is the latest from Crowned Heads and is made at the Tabacalera La […]

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