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Manhattan Beach, CA Looking to Add More Smoking Laws

The least friendly place to smoke in the country is quickly becoming Manhattan Beach, California. Over the past year the city has passed¬†an expanded smoking ban as well as prohibited smoking in multi-unit residences. This week the five members of the City Council voted unanimously to move forward with yet another piece of legislation by requiring retailers to have a permit to sell tobacco in addition to the one required by the state. The ordinance […]

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Manhattan Beach, CA Bans Multi-Unit Housing Smoking

So much for a democracy. The City Council in Manhattan Beach, California passed a new smoking ban that will prohibit smoking in multi-unit residences despite a last-minute plea from the Manhattan Village Homeowners Association who did not want to be included in such a ban. The City Council narrowly passed the measure with a 3-2 vote. The law is an extension of the citywide smoking ban that bans smoking in public places and does not […]

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Manhattan Beach, CA Expected To Ban Multi-Unit Smoking

In August of 2014, Manhattan Beach, California banned smoking in the city. Now, the city is looking to take it one step further by banning smoking in multi-unit residences. The first reading for the measure that will ban smoking in the privacy of your own home passed its first reading on Tuesday night. The ban which prohibits smoking in common and private areas with three or more units is expected to pass its final reading […]

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Manhattan Beach, CA Poised To Extend Smoking Ban

The City Council of Manhattan Beach which banned smoking throughout the city¬†last year, is now looking to extend that ban. The new measures discussed this week would include a smoking ban in multi-family housing units and would regulate the sale of tobacco via retail licensing. The ordinance which will be voted on September 15, would ban smoking inside and outside of multi family housing that contains three units or more. The majority of the council […]

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Law | Manhattan Beach, CA To Expand Ban

Back in August the City of Manhattan Beach passed a law that prohibited smoking in all public places. The law carried fines up to $1,000.00. Yesterday, the City Council directed the city staff to draft a new ordinance extending the ban. The new ban will extend to multi-unit residences and require all tobacco retailers to have a license to operate within the city. According to published reports, 15% of the housing in Manhattan Beach is […]

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Law: Manhattan Beach Public Tobacco Ban

Starting today, Manhattan Beach, California begins enforcing the strictest anti-smoking laws in the state of California. The City Council passed a new law this past June that prohibits smoking in all public places. Smokers who violate the new law face fines up to $1,000. Manhattan Beach, CA is home to 35,000 residents.  

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