Manhattan Beach, CA Expected To Ban Multi-Unit Smoking

In August of 2014, Manhattan Beach, California banned smoking in the city. Now, the city is looking to take it one step further by banning smoking in multi-unit residences.

The first reading for the measure that will ban smoking in the privacy of your own home passed its first reading on Tuesday night. The ban which prohibits smoking in common and private areas with three or more units is expected to pass its final reading on October 6th.

Upon completion of yesterday’s┬ámeeting the City Council asked the staff to draw up regulations regarding tobacco retail regulations to be present at the same meeting in October.

If the housing ban does indeed pass it will go into effect in November but would not be enforced to May of 2017.

The proposed law protects landlords who put up the proper signage and changes the language within the lease. If those requirements are met the city can’t punish the landlord. Subsequently, if a resident complained about a neighbor and the landlord did not remediate the complaint then the resident’s option would be to file a civil suit versus his neighbor.

Two members of the council stated the ban was unfair and should include one-family homes as well so as not to create a double standard.

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