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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters The Frank Lancero Burn

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters The Frank Lancero Cigar Review

Tatuaje Monsters are highly collectible when released every October and the debate is long as to which was the best blend. For me, that was the first ever release Monster, The Frank. It’s something I wish I still had in my humidor, but I won’t pay the rediculous black market price for them. I’ve seen them sell for over $1,000 a box. While different in terms of vitola, I am ecstatic that the cigars are […]

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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters The Frank

Back in 2008, limited edition cigars began a new era that I personally believe changed the cigar industry. Some might argue it was for the better and some might argue it was for the worse. No matter which side of the aisle you are on there is no denying how the release of the first Monster Series cigar from Tatuaje changed the face (pun intended) of Pete Johnson’s company. Each October the company releases 666 […]

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Here Come The Copy Cats – An Editorial

Ladies and Gentleman….Here come… “The Copy Cats” by David Garofalo It’s that time of the year when some manufacturers come out with what they believe was “hot” last year from their competitors and try it themselves. That is a large part of the cigar industry my friends, companies taking the easiest path to success… Copying others… but maybe there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe they don’t have to be the first, just the best. […]

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