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Las Calaveras 2017 Burn

Las Calaveras 2017 LC 46 by Crowned Heads Cigar Review

Every from October 31 – November 2 in Mexico the country celebrates Dia de Muertos. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of friends and family friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Somewhere between 1910-1913  Jose Guadalupe Posada created a zinc etching called, La Calavera Catrina that has become synonymous with the holiday. It is from this etching and holiday that Crowned Heads found inspiration for […]

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Jaime Garcia Limited Edition 2017 Burn

Jaime Garcia Limited Edition 2017 Cigar Review

If the FDA has their way I will really miss the release of the Limited Edition, as today’s limited edition and many limited edition cigars don’t meet the predicate date as it stands. In the end it hurts the cigar industry as a whole, but as a consumer I would suffer the greatest loss because much to a retailers dismay, I want what is new. Today’s cigar is new in the sense that it is […]

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My Father Le Bijou Petit Robusto Cigar Review

Today our sister podcast, The Ashholes is broadcasting live from Two Guys Smoke Shop with Jeremy Soares from My Father Cigars. We affectionately refer to him as beetlejuice because if you say his name three times he is bound to show up. Thankfully today that won’t be the case (I kid, I kid!) as he will be not he show and you never know what will come out of the Portuguese Hammer’s mouth. You can […]

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Jaime Garcia 2017 TAA Edition Burn

Jaime Garcia 2017 TAA Edition Cigar Review

What is old, is new again. That is the current mantra of the cigar world as we face FDA Regulations. Today’s cigar follows that adage as it is a redux of the 2012 TAA Edition of the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial. The cigar which is a ramped up version of the regular JG release. If the size of the cigar is familiar, it is because it is the same vitola as the My Father Le […]

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Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Robusto – Cigar Review

It’s been a while since I visited this brand, considering the last time I enjoyed one was probably back in July. And with the weather warming up slightly this week here in New England, I felt like something that would bring me back to those warm summer nights. Don Pepin Garcia is a legend in the premium cigar industry. He’s been blending and rolling cigars for many years, and recently, his son continued the tradition. […]

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Fratello Cigars Offers Sneak Peak at 2017 Firecracker for Two Guys

Late last year, The Cigar Authority podcast teased that the 2017 Firecracker would come from Omar de Frias and Fratello cigars but very little information was given other than the fact the cigar would be released sometime before the Fourth of July. The line of cigars was launched by Two Guys Smoke Shop in 2006, when David Garofalo asked Don Pepin Garcia to roll him a cigar with a fuse on it. Garcia, hesitantly rolled […]

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Two Guys Smoke Shop Celebrated 31 Years With Epic Event!

On the evening of September 28th, 2016 Two Guys Smoke Shop celebrated 31 Years in business with an event that was simply the greatest extravaganza I have been a part of in my 18 years in the industry. With all due respect to many retailers I consider myself personal friends with, their cookie cutter events just don’t hold up to the showmanship of David Garofalo. Let us forget that he is my boss, and let […]

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My Father Le Bijou Limited Edition 2016

For six of the past seven years, My Father Cigars has released one of the most anticipated and sought after limited editions. While the company didn’t release a limited edition in 2014, it is only the second time the LE wasn’t the original My Father. In 2013, for the 10th Anniversary a Don Pepin Garcia was released as a limited edition to celebrate the milestone. This year the My Father Le Bijou Limited Edition 2016 is limited to […]

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RoMaCraft CroMagnon Firecracker Cigar Review

Approximately 6-8 weeks ago Skip Martin and Mike Rosales were in NYC for the weekend as they visited accounts in the Northeast. The day of The Cigar Authority broadcast they toyed with coming up to New Hampshire to do the show. However, with an event that evening at my old stomping grounds in NYC, the logistics just didn’t work out. It wasn’t for the lack of effort as they even looked into renting a helicopter […]

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My Father El Centurion H2KCT TAA Edition

Each year at the annual Tobacconist Association of American (TAA) conference various manufactures offer a limited release for TAA Retailers. This release could be a size extension, blend tweak or an exclusive cigar. In an attempt to find our if there was anything different about the TAA Edition of the El Centurion multiple messages to My Father Cigars went unanswered. Cigar Review: El Centurion H2KCT TAA Edition Country of Origin: Nicaragua Factory: My Father S.A. Wrapper: Connecticut (Cuban Seed Habano) […]

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