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The 22N / 83W Epicure No. 4 – Cigar Review

Every now and then I look for tasty smokes that I can buy boxes of without emptying my bank account. I’ve smoked cigars that cost me twenty-five cents each, all the way to a single that cost me $300 (which was an absolutely terrible call on my part, but I won’t get into that). I’m all over the board with this passion of mine, but if I’m looking for a stick I can light up […]

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22N / 83W Cigar Review

Over the past couple of weeks some of our regulars and social media friends have pointed out that the 22N / 83W is one of their favorite “budget” cigars at under $100 a box. I couldn’t agree more but I was surprised to see I never reviewed the cigar which is part of my regular rotation. The 22N/83W stands for the Latitude and Longitude where you will find Hacienda el Corojo, a plantation that once (1930 – […]

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Editorial | Dave’s Trip To Cuba (Legally) – Day Four

Day 4 We were up bright and early for a little Cuban Coffee and a Cuban Cigar before hitting the road back to Havana. The first stop was the El Laguito Factory, the birthplace of Cohiba which was in 1968. A palace of a building, looks kind of like an old Southern Mansion which was unquestionably the most impressive looking cigar factory from the outside thus far for sure. This is where Cohiba, Behike and […]

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Cigar Review | Don Benigno Exigente

With today being Festivus, I figured I would smoke the cigar features the likeness of Don Benigno on the band. However, at a quick glance he also looks like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. I’ll admit it’s a reach but driving in to work this morning, the correlation between the parties involved popped into my head and here we are. The brand Don Benigno was created 17 years ago in Costa Rica but the man […]

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