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Cigar Review: StillWell Star Holiday Y2022

It’s a long standing tradition in pipe culture for carvers to craft one off designs and blenders to create special mixtures to mark the holidays. In honor of this practice Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust has teamed up with Cornell & Diehl to follow suit with a delightful aromatic puro with a mild Cavendish Burley and Virginia tobaccos. According to Steve Saka, “This year’s release is a delightful aromatic puro with a carefully balanced […]

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IPCPR Issues Retailer Compliance Update

Sampling Effective August 8, 2016, retailers are not permitted to distribute free samples to consumers at fundraisers, charity events, in-store events, legislative events, etc. IPCPR believes that the following practices do not violate the free sample provision, and have requested written confirmation from FDA: Providing a cigar in exchange for buying other products (e.g. “buy one get one free”). Replacing a plugged, spoiled, or otherwise damaged cigar for free. Having a raffle with cigar(s) as […]

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FDA Regulations In Place, Land of the Free No More!

This morning as cigar shops open around the United States of America new FDA Regulations are in place. While many are calling this the end of an industry that might be premature as lawsuits are in place and new releases should still find their way to the shelves prior to 2018 as many companies have released cigars to the market prior to today that should see full releases in the near future. However, some things […]

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Ohio Voting On Budget Tonight, Includes Tobacco Tax Increases

The state Senate in Ohio is voting tonight on a proposed $71.3 billion, two-year budget that will include an increase in tobacco taxes with a silver lining. According to a report in the Toledo Blade, the budget that includes a 5% annual pay raise for elected officials will raise the cigarette tax by 40 cents. There is also a proposed increase on cigars, pipe and chewing tobacco while premium cigars would be capped at 50 […]

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News: Senate Finance Committee

As we reported yesterday, Rocky Patel testified today before the Senate Finance Committee. The hearing which took place this morning was called “Tobacco: Taxes Owed, Avoided and Evaded”. The sad thing about today’s hearing while watching it was that there were more witnesses in the chamber then actual committee members of which we counted three. The chairman Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon was present along with Senator Mark Warner another Democrat from the Commonwealth […]

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News: Drew Estate 2014 IPCPR Sneak Peak

Drew Estate has numerous new releases debuting at the 2014 IPCPR tradeshow and have created four separate press releases to further explain these releases. We at The Cigar Authority have condensed it into one most. Drew Estate Announces New Cigar Releases  Acid Blondie Maduro – A maduro version of Drew Estate’s popular Blondie. Featuring a San Andrés Valley Maduro instead of the Connecticut Shade wrapper used on the current Blondie, the new ACID Blondie Maduro […]

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