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Dunbarton Tobacco Delays Polpetta Until January 2024

Dunbarton, NH – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) is announcing their intention to delay nationwide distribution of their Polpetta puros. “Normally delays from intended release dates are the result of either the cigars and/or the packaging not being ready, but this is not the case for Polpetta – the cigars are already landed and aging in our US warehouse. It is simply a matter of operational logistics and doing what we believe is in the […]

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VODCast: The Meatball Recap with Steve Saka

The week LIVE from the Toscano Cigar Sound Stage… The Meatball Event is over, and we have Steve Saka with us to give you his take on the event and we may learn some breaking news of what he has planned in the cigar world in the near future.  Then again, we may not!   In the first hour we smoke Mi Querida from The Cigar Authority Care Package. In the second hour we see […]

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Special VODCast: The Meatball Cigar Event

For the last three years The Meatball Event at Two Guys Smoke Shop has been synonymous with Steve Saka & Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. This year he looks to defend his title versus four competitors. Can Steve Saka hang on? The challengers are Mr. Jonathan (The Cigar Authority), Oliver Nivaud (United Cigars), Jim Price (CLE Cigars) and Ed Santamaria (Two Guys Smoke Shop). Can one of them defeat the King of Balls? Will Mr. Jonathan […]

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VODCast: Master Dominican Cigar Blender Now Making Nicaraguan Cigars

Broadcasting LIVE from the Toscano Cigar Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire…  It is a New Year and TODAY we will release The Cigar Authority’s NEW LOGO,… Speaking of New, we will light up the La Aurora 107 Nicaraguan, made in the Dominican Republic as we talk with the blender, Master Blender Manual Inoa. In the second hour we will announce the 2021 Meatball event as we smoke the Polpetta from Steve Saka. We will have […]

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Polpetta by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar Review

In 2018 the members of The Cigar Authority began talking about who had the best meatball between David Garofalo, Mr. Jonathan Barbeau, Ed Sullivan and yours truly Barry Stein. But then something happened where Steve Saka joined the debate and an event was held in January of 2019 where we each would make 50 meatballs and guest of an event at Two Guys Smoke Shop would get to vote for the winner. Steve Saka wound […]

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VODCast: Passion & Myths of Toscano Cigars

Fresh off his North American Sales Meeting in Doral, Florida we welcome Brand Ambassador Michael Cappellini of Toscano Cigars to the show. We catch up with him to see how 2019 was, how 2020 is shaping up as he visits us Live at the Toscano Sound Stage of Studio. He is bringing with him some of his award winning Limoncello as we drink up and smoke a cigar from the care package, Toscano Garibaldi. In […]

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