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VODCast: How To Rate Cigars 1-100

This week on The Cigar Authority Live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… 10 years ago, a British banker drops what he was doing and creates a cigar brand for himself. Today, (after 10 years) he is an overnight sensation. Akhil Kapacee from Regis Cigars joins us. live in studio on The Cigar Authority! In the first hour we will light up a Regius Black Label Petit Robusto from The Cigar Authority […]

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Regius Red Exclusivo Red USA Toro Cigar Review

According to the Regius website, “The Exclusivo U.S.A. combines a traditional and nuanced flavour with a steady progression with contemporary shapes and sizes, using only the very finest Nicaraguan tobaccos.¬†Each blend is crafted for its respective size, to achieve the optimum flavour and complexity. The concept is a true fusion of the old and new schools of cigar making, taking the best of both in order to create a truly unique experience.” The company which […]

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