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Podcast: What’s in a Cigar Name? – The After Show

Reinier Lorenzo joins us on The After Show to talk about names of cigars and brands. Does the name really matter? Reinier explains where the name Hot Cakes came from. The Cigar Authority is a member of the United Podcast Network and is recorded live in front of a studio audience at Studio 21 Podcast Cafe upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, NH and as always you can find many of the cigars […]

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VODCast: Havana City with Reinier Lorenzo of HVC Cigars

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… HVC is Havana City Cigars, but they are NOT made in Havana City, or even Cuba… but Reinier Lorenzo was. Reinier joins us, and since the last time we had him on the show has his own factory. In the first hour we fire up a HVC Seleccion No. 1 from the care package while in the second […]

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Cigar Review: HVC 500th Anniversary Salomon

In 2019, Reinier Lorenzo owner of HVC Cigars released the HVC 500th Anniversary cigar. The celebratory cigar wasn’t in honor of his own cigar company, but rather in honor of his home town Havana City, Cuba. Since its inception the cigar has been released in three different sizes in a very limited production. This year in 2022 the company has released a Salomon shaped rendition that is made at his factory Fabrica de Tabacos HVC […]

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VODCast: Launching HVC Black Friday with Reinier Lorenzo

This week on The Cigar Authority Live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… When we talk who’d red hot in the cigar industry right now, the first one that comes to mind is HVC and Reinier Lorenzo. Reinier joins us as we launch the HVC Black Friday 2021 In the first hour we will smoke the new HVC Black Friday 2021 as we catch up HVC while in the second hour we […]

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HVC Hot Cake Laguito No. 5 Cigar Review

Reinier Lorenzo was born in Havana City in 1985 and his growing up on a farm would lead to his first career. With a love of animals, he obtained a degree in veterinary medicine. In 2008, Reinier would leave his home and travel to the US where he gave up the warm climate of Cuba for the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. His life would change when family in Miami introduced him to Eduardo Fernandez of […]

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