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Santa Rosa, CA Enacts Smoking Ban In Attached Homes

Later today the Santa Rosa City Council will discuss a potential ban on smoking in attached homes and if they will allow an exception for e-cigarettes and medical marijuana. The 4pm session will also introduce an ordinance that will ban smoking in apartments, duplexes, condominiums as well as recreation properties and parks. The ban goes one step further and will prohibit smoking in line at ATMs, food vendors, movie theaters and at the bus stops. […]

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Law | Santa Rosa, CA Bans Smoking

California is probably the most liberal state in the country and many of the smoking bans started here and moved their way east. The scariest of which is the growing trend of smoking bans on private property. Yesterday, in Santa Rosa, CA the City Council announced support of banning smoking inside condominiums, apartments and most public places. As the first public hearing came to a close on the issue, the council instructed the planning staff to move […]

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