Law | Santa Rosa, CA Bans Smoking

California is probably the most liberal state in the country and many of the smoking bans started here and moved their way east. The scariest of which is the growing trend of smoking bans on private property.

Yesterday, in Santa Rosa, CA the City Council announced support of banning smoking inside condominiums, apartments and most public places.

As the first public hearing came to a close on the issue, the council instructed the planning staff to move forward with the proposed changes to city laws.

The ban includes provisions that would prohibit smoking while waiting to use an ATM, or on a line at the movies.

The current laws are limited to enclosed public space, outdoor dining areas and city-owned parks and recreation facilities and within 20 feet of any area where smoking is prohibited.

The new laws will now extended to any attached multi-family dwelling unit. This includes apartments, duplexes, townhouses and condos. According to county planner Erin Morris, it will prohibit smoking anywhere two units share a wall.

But it doesn’t stop there, as it also includes parking lots, garages and bus stops.

Pam Granger of the American Lung Association wasn’t completely satisfied with the new bans as she wanted the new laws to include single-family residences where smoke can drift from one yard to another.

The city is planning a community meeting in September to inform residents of the changes before a second meeting in October. The final ordinance will be voted on in December.

Santa Rosa is home to 170,000 residents and covers 41.5 square miles.

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