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BG Meyer – Standard Issue Robusto Cigar Review

  Tomorrow; The Cigar Authority will name its 2015 Cigar of the Year in conjunction with Two Guys Smoke Shop who has been naming the Cigar of the Year since 1992. Last year, they named BG Meyer Standard Issue the COTY and today we take a look at that cigar one last time before its reign comes to an end. The BG Meyer Standard Issue comes from the newest member of the Board of the […]

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Cigar of the Year: BG Meyer Standard Issue

In  process that started back in January of last year The Cigar Authority began the process of picking Cigar of the Year. As new cigars arrived we began the process of smoking them and watching the sales at Two Guys Smoke Shop. In a sense the Cigar of the Year picked here is the most accurate of all the cigar blogs. Because we take consumers and retail into the equation. Narrowed down to 7 cigars; La […]

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Media: Cigar Authority Podcast: Episode 7/12/14

Subject: The Cigar Authority Podcast Date: 7/12/14 Title: Having a Ball (Bag) with BG Meyer Standard Issue Guests: None This week on The Cigar Authority Live we are live from high atop Two Guys Smoke Shop, in beautiful tax-free Salem, New Hampshire. Come join David Garafolo, Mr. Jonathan, Chuck Morrison and yours truly Barry Stein as we discuss cigars, current events and even have a few laughs with my ball bag. This weeks episode features BG Meyer Standard Issue from […]

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News: BG Meyer Co — Legends Made

Davidoff of Geneva USA and Rob Weiss are pleased to introduce the BG Meyer Standard Issue, an exciting new collaboration between the Hollywood writer, director, producer and Camacho Cigars. Weiss, a self-made challenger of convention, has been an avid cigar aficionado for over a decade. After joining Camacho’s “Board of the Bold” in 2013, an opportunity arose for Weiss to partner with Camacho on a label of his very own, the newly formed BG Meyer […]

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