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Red Anchor Gunner

Cigar Review: Red Anchor Gunner – Making Waves of Flavor

Red Anchor, a historic cigar brand with roots dating back to 1772, celebrated its monumental 250th Anniversary in 2022. United Cigars in collaboration with the renowned Kelner Family, the Red Anchor was reintroduced to the market. The Kelner family, with a rich heritage in Dominican cigar making and ties to Holland, the birthplace of Red Anchor, played a pivotal role in crafting this exceptional cigar. The initial release, limited to just 250 boxes of the […]

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Kristoff Guardrail

Cigar Review: Kristoff Guardrail Robusto – Resilience in Smoke

The Kristoff Guardrail, a testament to resilience and second chances, emerges from a gripping narrative that ties the cigar industry with the indomitable spirit of its creator, Glen Case. A motorcycle enthusiast, Glen’s near-death encounter with a guardrail in Oklahoma became the catalyst for this unique medium-bodied cigar, symbolizing his gratitude for a second shot at life. With a rugged feel and rustic allure, the Kristoff Guardrail boasts a dark brown Brazilian wrapper, tightly capped […]

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West Tampa Red

Cigar Review: West Tampa Red Toro – Balancing Flavor

West Tampa Red Toro is a delightful addition to the West Tampa line-up, boasting a bold and flavorful experience crafted by brand owner Rick Rodriguez. Unlike many cigar blends created solely for the enjoyment of fans, Rodriguez decided to take the reins and craft a cigar that truly reflects his personal taste. The result is a full-bodied cigar that retains the signature West Tampa flavor. The West Tampa Red Toro boasts a rich, dark chocolate […]

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Blackened M81

Cigar Review: Blackened M81 Robusto – Flavor Turned to 11

The Blackened M81 Robusto is a cigar born from a passion project, a collaboration of three renowned and dedicated cigar enthusiasts: Jonathan Drew, the Founder and President of Drew Estate; James Hetfield, the Co-Founder and Front Man of Metallica; and Rob Dietrich, the Master Distiller and Blender of BLACKENED American Whiskey. The journey of this cigar began with Hetfield and Dietrich, who share a love for cigars. After enlisting the expertise of their friend Drew […]

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Big Sky Blackfoot

Cigar Review: Big Sky Blackfoot – Medley of Flavor

The Big Sky Blackfoot, the final cigar of the Montana River Series, derives its name from the renowned Blackfoot River, a beloved trout stream weaving through the picturesque landscapes of Montana. In its quest to capture the essence of this natural beauty, the Blackfoot cigar takes the STARS on a flavorful journey. Crafted as a 6 x 54 toro, this Dominican cigar boasts a Mexican San Andrés wrapper, Dominican binder, and Dominican fillers, all blended […]

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Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale

Cigar Review: Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale – Psychoanalysis

The Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale is a cigar that exquisitely combines the rarest of tobaccos, with a blend featuring Pelo De Oro, one of the world’s scarcest cigar tobaccos. It’s a representation of Master Blender Eladio Diaz’s personal taste, falling within the sweet spot between medium and full-bodied. The blend consists of a Dominican Grown Negro San Andres wrapper, Sumatra binder, and a medley of fillers from the Dominican Republic, including Pelo de Oro, Corojo, Havana […]

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Cigar Review Micallef

Cigar Review: Micallef Black Toro – Vacation For The Senses

Blended by master blenders, Joel and Edel Gomez-Sanchez, the Micallef Black Toro  is a recent addition that brings a bold and full-bodied character to the Micallef Cigars lineup. This cigar is the result of three years of dedicated effort and strategic planning, a testament to Micallef’s commitment to delivering exceptional cigars. They spared no expense, investing in high-grade tobacco and scaling up production at their Estelí, Nicaragua factory to reach an impressive annual production milestone […]

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United Cigars

Cigar Review: United Natural Toro – An American Icon

United Cigars is not merely a company or a brand; it’s an American icon with a legacy dating back over a century, offering unique cigar experiences since 1901. Following a rekindling in 2010, United Cigars has committed to continually enhance its products and services for both retail partners and consumers. Their latest offering, the United Cigars Natural Toro, showcases their dedication to excellence. The United Cigars Natural Toro presents itself with a rustic, old-world look. […]

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Cigar Review: Topper 125th Anniversary Toro – Broadleaf Greatness

Topper Cigars, a well-kept secret for many outside the Northeast, proudly celebrates its remarkable 125-year journey in the cigar industry. With deep-rooted ties to the Connecticut River Valley, the Topper family has cultivated enduring relationships with the region’s renowned tobacco farms, particularly those producing Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. These invaluable connections have allowed them to source exceptional Broadleaf tobaccos for the wrapper of their special 125th Anniversary cigar, the Topper 125th Anniversary Toro. The Topper 125th […]

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Cigar Review: Meerapfel Meir Churchill – Exceptional Taste

The Meerapfel Meir Churchill is a cigar that carries a rich history, harkening back to the legacy of Meir Meerapfel II, who established the Meerapfel cigar factory in 1876 in the quaint village of Untergrombach, Germany. This cigar, presented in 25-count wooden chests, offers a limited annual production of only 613 boxes per size, adding to its allure. While the blend’s details are shrouded in secrecy, it is rumored that the wrapper is a meticulously […]

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