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VODCast: Beating Up Top 25 Cigar Lists

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live on tape from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… We got the gloves on and our cups on too… We are going to beat-up their top cigar lists as we get our beat on ours. What do we think about other media choices for cigar of the year and why are they wrong. This week we smoke a cigar from the Cigar Authority Care Package […]

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VODCast: How To Avoid Tickets From Cops For Smoking Cigars

This week on the Cigar Authority we welcome to the show Mike LaRiviera the New England sales representative from Rocky Patel as we fire up a cigar from the care package; Rocky Patel LB1. We will sit down with Mike who is a retired police officer and ask him to get into our debate if you should inform an officer you are legally carrying when pulled over. We will also ask about breathalyzers and find […]

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VODCast: Getting Debonaire With Indian Motorcycle and Phil Zanghi

The Debonaire moniker on The Cigar Authority will always belong to Gentleman Chuck Morrison, but the man behind the Debonaire brand, Philip Zanghi will join us live today on the show while we smoke two cigars from his company. In the first hour of the show we will smoke the Indian Motorcycle Connecticut as we look at the history of Mr. Zanghi in the cigar industry and how he ties into Rocky Patel. In the […]

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Podcast: Two Guys Walking Into A Cigar Bar….

This week on The Cigar Authority we recap the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 and check our scorecards to see who had the best predictions. We also tell the story about how a Cigar Bar almost cost David his business…. It’s the last show of 2015 we got all the usual shenanigans.. So join us live or catch the podcast! Join us for all the madness known as The Cigar Authority! [jetpack_subscription_form] Next Podcast: 2 Guys walk […]

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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Box Pressed Torpedo Cigar Review

I am about to head down a road that could get me in some serious trouble. At times I have the ability to mean well and not properly string together the right words that could be taken as being negative. Today I review the cigar that Cigar Aficionado deemed The Cigar of the Year for 2015. The Le Bijou was released in 2009 at the IPCPR in New Orleans and came one year after the original My […]

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Podcast: Predicting Top 25 & Smoking Aging Room

It’s that time of year again when Cigar Aficionado comes out with their list of Top 25 cigars.. We will share with you our predictions of what we believe their list will be… Also we will be smoking the Aging Room 356 which was part of The Cigar Authority Care Package for the month of December. All this and more on The Cigar Authority [jetpack_subscription_form] Next Podcast: Crystal Ball [chatwing id=”423810″ width=”600″ height=”350″ enable_custom_login=”0″ custom_login_secret=”” ][/chatwing]

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