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It’s So Obvious – A David Garofalo Editorial

It’s just so obvious Another Editorial by David Garofalo I wrote an editorial back in July called “It Looks Familiar,” you can go back in the archives of The Cigar Authority or find it here; . In that editorial which surprised some people, I asked the question if you ever looked at something you never saw before and thought, WOW… that looks very familiar. Sure you have, we all have, but in the cigar industry […]

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Media | Jack Torano Live On The Cigar Authority

The Cigar Authority moves to a special date and time this week with a live broadcast tonight at 5pm. Joining us via remote is Jack Torano of Roberto Duran Cigars. We will discuss the sale of his former employment Torano Cigars we will also get educated on his new position and the cigars of Roberto Duran and the EPF (Evolution & Progressive Flavor) technology. We will continue the last round of the blind taste test […]

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News | Jack Torano Joins Roberto Duran Cigars

ROBERTO P. DURAN PREMIUM CIGARS MAKES ANOTHER BOLD MOVE AS THEY HIRE JACK TORAÑO   (Miami, Florida) October 9, 2014— Roberto Pelayo Duran is proud to announce that Jack Toraño of the Toraño cigar family will now oversee sales in Florida and the Caribbean for Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars. This announcement comes only days after the announcement of the hiring of Miguel Shoedel and Frank Cuden. Jack Toraño spent 3 years with Toraño Family Cigar Company as Director of […]

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News | Leccia Tobacco Rumor Mill

As the dust settles from the story of Torano Cigars being sold to General, the blogosphere is alive with theory as to why the company was sold, but the one thing getting lost in the mix is Sam Leccia and what the future holds for Leccia Tobacco. Originally a product of Oliva, Sam Leccia was the face behind Nub. A rock star in an industry, that was building brands around a face. The Nub success can […]

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