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News | World Health Organization *UPDATE*

One would think that the primary subject at the world conference of the World Health Organization (WHO) would be Ebola. The disease has begun to jump borders and the potential for a world-wide epidemic is there. However, the organization has decided to set its sights on the tobacco industry The WHO is holding its meetings in Russia, which has been boycotted by the United States due to their support of the separatists in Ukraine. One […]

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News | WHO Pushing For Global Tobacco Tax

The World Health Organization which seems to be hell-bent on regulating the behavior of everyone on the planet in a way that hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany wants the world to pay a tobacco tax. The Organization announced potential plans to institute a global tobacco tax that has caused economist Arthur Laffer to expressed skepticism. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Raising taxes on tobacco in support of the reduction of tobacco consumption […]

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Law | Savasavu, Fiji Smoke Free

What is often referred to as the best kept secret on Fiji, the town of Savusavu has become tobacco free. The town on the island nation joins a list of more then 1000 towns and cities that have banned tobacco use in public places. Savusavu in enacting the ban has been granted them membership to the¬†World Health Organisation’s ‘Healthy Cities and Towns’ network. Savusavu is home to 3300 residents.

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Cigar News: Tobacco Plant Cures Ebola Patient

In an article posted on Bloomberg News, it seems an Ebola drug made from a tobacco plant has saved U.S. aid workers. The article goes on to say that a small San Diego based company provided an experimental treatment for two Americans who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia. The drug appears to be working. The small company of 9 employees released the experimental drug ZMapp which until now has only been […]

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