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Wilmington, MA Votes To Raise Tobacco Age

Another week goes by, and another community in Massachusetts has raised the tobacco age to 21. This time that community is Wilmington, which passed the measure by a unanimous vote. During the hearing, 9 retailers spoke against the ban but the measure passed along with a measure that prohibits the sale of tobacco at local drug stores. A hearing on the ban of flavored tobacco was pushed back to a later date, and the new regulations will […]

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Law | Wilmington, DE Mayor Bans Smoking

The city council of Wilmington, DE is supposed to represent the people, as is the Mayor. However, the Mayor chose to act against the will of the people as he passed a ban that prohibits smoking at the bus stops and playgrounds in the city. In early October, the city council voted against instituting such a ban by a 6-5 margin, the proposal included designated areas in parks to light up. The measure that the […]

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Law | Wilmington, DE Smoking Ban To Be Decided Tonight *UPDATE*

On Thursday Night, October 2nd the Wilmington city county will convene with the purpose of making a decision on banning smoking at covered bus stops and city parks. The legislation which was proposed by Councilman Bob Williams plans to amend the ordinance on the floor by proposing that Rockford, Brandywide and Canby park have designated smoking areas instead of an outright ban. We will have the outcome of this hearing as soon as it is […]

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Law | Wilmington, DE Expanding Smoking Restrictions

On July 30, 2014 the city of Wilmington, DE gave notice that it was looking to expand smoking restrictions in the city. The city asked residents for comments on the proposal via email, Facebook and Twitter. From that announcement on July 30, until August 8th only 20 comments were received that were 10 for expansion, and 10 against. The city of Wilmington currently doesn’t allow smoking in public spaces such as libraries, museums, non-tobacco shops, government […]

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