Law | Wilmington, DE Expanding Smoking Restrictions

On July 30, 2014 the city of Wilmington, DE gave notice that it was looking to expand smoking restrictions in the city. The city asked residents for comments on the proposal via email, Facebook and Twitter. From that announcement on July 30, until August 8th only 20 comments were received that were 10 for expansion, and 10 against.

The city of Wilmington currently doesn’t allow smoking in public spaces such as libraries, museums, non-tobacco shops, government offices and employment places that have a designated no smoking area. Violators of the law face a fine up to $100.

This week, the Wilmington City council could vote on a bill that would extend a smoking ban that would include public spaces, including parks, and sheltered bus stops.

Wilmington City Council could vote this week on a bill that would extend a smoking ban for some public spaces to include city parks, playgrounds and sheltered bus stops.

The amended bill can be viewed online.

Wilmington, DE has a population of 71,000 over 17 square miles.

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