Tatuaje Shares Images of 2016 Black Label Sizes *UPDATE*

At 1pm on January 14th Pete Johnson shared via Instagram and Facebook the forthcoming sizes of the Tatuaje Black Label release slated for later this year.

Pete Johnson wrote, “New official line up for the Tatuaje Black Label. Petite Robusto, Petite Lancero, Private Reserve Corona Gorda, Cazadores and Gran Toro”

The Tatuaje Black will come packaged in “New lay down boxes of 20 and packed in foil paper” according to Johnson.

The cigar currently in production and is scheduled to be released mid-year and pricing is TBD. All sizes with have the original lack label with the exception of the Private Reserve Corona Gorda which will have the black and silver band.

UPDATE: According to Pete Johnson this is a full regular production line of cigars and he plans add new sizes slowly over the next few years. The official sizes are:

  • 4 x 50 Petite Robusto
  • 6 x 38 Petite Lancero (stays the same)
  • 5 5/8 x 46 Corona Gorda (stays the same)
  • 6 3/8 x 43 Cazadores
  • 6 1/2 x 52 Gran Toro



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