The Cigar Authority Introduces the S.T.A.R.S Cigar Rating System for Unbiased Cigar Reviews

 The Cigar Authority, a renowned cigar news website and host of The Cigar Authority podcast, proudly unveils the Smoke, Taste, And Review System (STARS), a groundbreaking approach to cigar reviews. With STARS, ratings and reviews are no longer conducted by The Cigar Authority team members but by consumers themselves. These unbranded cigars are purchased with their own money, ensuring an impartial evaluation of the cigars without any predetermined biases.

According to David Garofalo, host of The Cigar Authority, “This will be the fairest rating and review possible.” While The Cigar Authority has strived to deliver fair ratings over the past 14 years, acknowledging the occasional questioning of their scores, they now seek to eliminate any potential bias by the reviewer not knowing the specific cigars they reviewed. The Cigar Authority focus is solely on reporting the findings without any biased notions.

Starting now, cigar enthusiasts can anticipate a new review every Thursday at Noon Eastern starting August 10th on, with announcements made on The Cigar Authority Podcast every Saturday.

Each review will feature input from a minimum of 10 different people. These reviews will cover tasting notes, construction evaluations, strength assessments, and overall rating numbers. The overall rating will be derived from a combination of all the reviews received for that particular cigar, with any extreme outliers, both lowest and highest scores, eliminated. The resulting rating will represent the middle 80%, ensuring a balanced and representative evaluation.

While all reviewer spots are currently filled, The Cigar Authority remains open to potential changes in the reviewer lineup. Reviewers who fail to provide timely and proper reviews may be replaced, allowing for new additions to enhance the quality and diversity of the reviews.

The Smoke, Taste, And Review System (STARS) marks a significant milestone for The Cigar Authority, enabling cigar enthusiasts to rely on unbiased consumer reviews for guidance in their cigar selections. Visit to explore the latest news and STAR Reviews and stay informed about the ever-evolving world of cigars.

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