Star Wars, Cigars


Star Wars, CigarsMy computer has been hijacked….the evil empire has taken over our new blog and attached their offers of crappy cigars for a cheap price to it. Is this illegal or just immoral?

 Here’s the picture as I see it…some guy (who incidentally has never even smoked a cigar before never mind a good one) who is in fact not only living in a foreign country but also living in his mother’s basement (I’m really not sure about the basement but I would bet on it). Depending on what browser you are using to get to this website, you may be seeing these links or other links too.

I have my people looking into this as we speak, heads will roll, and there will be consequences for these hijackers if at all possible.

My request to you, our views, is to see who the hijackers are and not do business with these pirates, hijackers or anyone who would attempt to steal from another like they are attempting. If they see that these kinds of unscrupulous actions are looked upon as dirty and immoral if not totally illegal maybe they will just stop as not to look like the thieves they are.

Let me ask you this, how would you like it if you posted a blog about your dear old grandmother’s untimely death and some hijacker used her name which created a link to a XXX rated site? That’s really scummy right?

Hey…I get to write this crap now whenever I want. I will be giving you my thoughts and opinions as they happen and I think I like it. (I think). I haven’t made a major mistake here yet that I know of, when that happens (and it will) I may feel different.

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