Toscano Classico Cigar Review

As has become customary after The Cigar Authority podcast is over we share a full in-depth review of a cigar of a cigar smoked on the show. This week we smoked a cigar that was part of the care package with the Brand Ambassador from the Italian based company Toscano. We got to speak to Michael Cappellini about the company and invite you to check out the interview in case you missed it.

Cigar Review: Toscano Classico
Wrapper: Italian Grown Kentucky
Filler: Italian and “Foreign” Kentucky
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 38

The Look: Packed in five count boxes or sleeves of 10 five packs, the Toscano Classico has an appearance that is far different from what we consider a premium cigar. The wrapper is very rustic, and the cigar is pre cut on both end. You can also cut the cigar in half and create two smoking experiences, creating a Clint Eastwood look. Looking at the cigar, it’s something American cigar smokers would run away from but as we know from experience looks can be deceiving.

The Notes: We won’t break this one down into thirds, but the cold draw of the cigar is very much what you would expect from Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco. It’s dark and smokey, much like pipe tobacco. The aroma coming off the unlit stick is reminiscent of licorice.

Once the cigar is lit the fire cured note is less extreme than the cold draw. One item of note is that it took much longer to light the cigar and get the burn going. It wasn’t due to the draw, but rather the nature of the tobacco. Moving into the cigar I am very surprised by the sweetness. Sure it has the fired cured taste, but there is also a honey like sweetness mixed in with hints of licorice.

Halfway through the cigar I paired it with some espresso and I was impressed by how well the two paired. It was like adding a touch of sambuca which is Italian colorless liqueur that has a distinct anise flavor to the small cup of coffee.

The Finish: I am not a fan of Fire-Cured Tobacco by any stretch of the imagination but I was extremely surprised by the cigar and the complexity it offered. This is by far the best Kentucky Fire-Cured tobacco on the market today, so much so that I would easily smoke it again. When I started the review my plan for a score was “subjective.” However, I honestly felt that wasn’t fair. You need to take into consideration the tobacco but simply put I thoroughly enjoyed this smoke.

Score: 91
Price: $17.99 (5 Pack) / $159.99 (10, 5 Packs/ 50 Cigars)



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