Toscano Garibaldi Cigar Review

This past weekend we welcomed Michael Cappellini of Toscano Cigars  to The Cigar Authority where we smoked the Garibaldi which was part of the January Care Package. According to the Toscano website the cigar was born of a a brilliant idea by Mario Soldati, the TOSCANO® Garibaldi cigar was introduced in 1982 to celebrate the centenary of the death of the Italian hero. Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi was an Italian general and a patriot who contributed to the Italian unification and the creation of the Kingdom of Italy.

Cigar Review: Toscano Garibaldi
Wrapper: Italian Kentucky Seed Fire Cured
Binder: None
Filler: USA Kentucky, Italian
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 38

The Look: Packaged in 5 count boxes, these fire cured sticks feature a veiny wrapper that is loaded with oils. The band is green with the name Garibaldi in script and an Italian flag at the end of the band and silhouette of the General. These cigars won’t win any contests for beauty,

The Notes: The cold draw serves up what one with expected from Fire-cured tobacco. It’s smokey and sweet with a touch of licorice. The cigar is pre-cut and once it’s lit there is less of that fire-cured taste in comparison to the cold draw.

As we smoke the Garibaldi there is a limoncello flavor profile which is interesting as Michael Cappellini brought some to the show. It is interesting to note that I smoked the cigar for this review prior to the show. As the limoncello note slides into the background the cigar has a woodsy flavor profile at the halfway point along with a honey sweetness.

Around the halfway point at the thickest point of the cigar a taste synonymous with fire-cured tobacco develops. The smokey nature of the tobacco would pair nicely with Lagavulin scotch.

The Finish: As a premium cigar smoker and purist when it comes to cigars are we know them today I am surprised by how popular these smokes are and how much I enjoy them. They require no humidification so I always keep a box of one of the Toscano lines in my glove compartment. It’s a different cigar that is an enjoyable cigar.

Score: 91
Price: $18.99 (5 Pack) / $169.99 (Sleeve of 10- 5packs)

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