Toscano Original Cigar Review

On the January 19th episode of The Cigar Authority we smoked a cigar in the second hour that was part of The Cigar Authority Care Package. As has become customary we feature that cigar in an in-depth review. The Tosacano Originale comes from Italy and it is distributed in the USA by Miami Cigar & Company. In the past we’ve had brand ambassador Michael Cappellini on the show and if you want to go back in time you can listen to that episode at

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Cigar Review: Toscano Originale
Wrapper: USA Kentucky
Filler: Italy, Kentucky
Length: 70mm (6 2/3″)
Ring Guage: 25/41
Size: Cheroot

The Look: The Originale comes in a 30 count box that has a leather like appearance. Inside the box there is a humidification device that attached via a magnet giving you instant storage for these cigars. It’s a gorgeous item, because it like the cigar is so different from what we expect to see in the American market. Inside the cheroot cigars feature dark tobacco that looks like the type of tobacco. It’s an ugly cigar that won’t win any awards in terms of appearance so you might need to take a leap of faith if you are looking at them on the shelf.

The Notes: The Original is open on both ends so there is no need to cut this bad larry up before lighting. The cold draw and nose of he cigar is the same due to the dark Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco. There is a touch of leather, anise and burning wood much like that of a camp fire. Once the cigar is lit there is that distinct fire cured tobacco taste.

As we continue to smoke the cigar which I won’t break down into thirds the Fire Cured taste is dominant, but the cigar has some sweetness to it as well. Considering it’s made from tobacco that is typically used for pipe smoking there is more of an aroma then a traditional cigar. Through the cigar I get notes of wood, burning wood, licorice, red pepper, oregano, and a subtle sweetness on the finish.

The mouth feel of the cigar is similar to that of smoking a pipe, it burns a little hotter than your typical cigar and the retrohale is aromatic while providing a long finish.

The Finish: While I don’t expect many people who read this website to be interested in a cigar like Toscano, I still chose to review it and I am glad I took the time to light one up. It’s the time of year where cigars getting national distribution are beginning to arrive. For those who enjoy a pipe, or Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco I think these are worthy of a try. For me it’s a cigar to enjoy while sitting around a campfire or in front of a fireplace. I definitely enjoyed it more than other cigars using similar tobacco.

Score: 88
Price: $5.99 / $159.99 (Box of 30)

Toscano Originale

Toscano Originale

Toscano Originale

Toscano Originale

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