TPE 2020 Takes Care Of Media With Dedicated Lounge

Back in the day I ran a cigar blog by another name. It’s a blog that allowed me to carve out a career in the cigar industry. Back when PCA was known as IPCPR we ran into a lot of resistance from retailers and manufacturers about being allowed into the show where we helped create buzz around the newest releases. Back then Dave was on the board of IPCPR and he went to bat for the media where we would ultimately be allowed to join the show. For the longest time we were treated as the red headed stepchild.

While at IPCPR Dawn Conger was a friend of the media and now that she is involved with TPE, it’s obvious she still cares about the media and as a result the show offered a dedicated space for the media.

Kudos to Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

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