Two Guys 25th Anniversary by Pete Johnson Cigar Review

As we reported yesterday via this website and the The Cigar Authority Podcast, back in 2010 at the Two Guys Smoke Shop 25th Anniversary cigar was released without any fanfare as to who created the cigar. The event was the classic Anniversary party where a Rolls Royce Silver Spur was given away joining past prizes such as a DeLorean similar to that of Back to the Future, a tanker of gas and a Hummer. This year the tradition continues later this week where a Mercedes and $30,000 will be given away.

I could fill you in about the details of how the cigar came to be; but its best to read it in David’s own words via the posting penned by him yesterday. Needless to say, being a Tatuaje fan boy I had to take one for myself and review it here today. Well, actually I took two. Thanks David!

Cigar Review: Two Guys Smoke Shop 25th Anniversary
Size: 6.5 x 49
Wrapper: Not Disclosed
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Source: David Garofalo

The Look (8/10): The cigar features a beautiful dark wrapper that was not disclosed though to the naked eye it looks like Broadleaf but it could be Habano Oscuro. There is no veins present and the cigar is exquisitely rolled with even coloring on the wrapper because of this I am leaning toward Oscuro. While at the time, Pete Johnson didn’t want his name on the cigar; I wish there was a band that denoted Tatuaje along with the black and silver band that denotes 25th silver anniversary and the years 1985-2010. However, that would have broken the agreement between David and Pete.

The Notes (34/35): The aroma coming off the wrapper is rich. The nose picks up elements of chocolate and leather. Once the cap is clipped. The cold draw of the cigar reminds me a little bit of Grand Marnier with a hint of chocolate, syrup and orange with some earth as an after thought.

Once the cigar is lit it is ridiculously smooth. The typical “Pepin Spice” one would expect is there but not as prevalent as one would expect. There are rich notes of chocolate that is even on the aroma on the cigar. As the cigar progresses elements of coffee come into play with a hint of leather and growing pepper notes as the first third comes to close.

In the second third of the cigar the chocolate notes begin to dissipate as coffee becomes the primary note. The pepper notes continue to grow especially on the retrohale that also adds some nuttiness to the flavor profile. The finish of the cigar begins to pick up some notes of dark chocolate as we head into the last third of the cigar.

The last third sees the return of chocolates notes which started out along the lines of dark chocolate before transitioning into more of a mocha. The pepper remains on the retrohale though it is much more toned down and is also nutty at the same time. The finish of the cigar has elements of leather, chocolate and red pepper.

The Burn (35/35): You can definitely tell there is some age on this cigar by the combustion line which is one of the thinnest I have ever seen. The cigar burns even, and straight revealing a tight white ash that holds on for nearly the first half of the cigar. The draw was perfect and it remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish (19/20): A lot of people often debate on some of the Facebook forums on wether or not cigars from Tatuaje need age on them and with this cigar it’s safe to say it doesn’t need more age on it. I think 5 years is long enough to age these and the result is a cigar that is classic Tatuaje. The rich aroma and flavors make this cigar an incredibly satisfying cigar.

Score: 96
Price: 12 for $99


Bullet Points

  • I am a bit jealous of David Garofalo and his ability to hoard/save cigars for a special occasion. If you were able to see his personal humidor you would be like a kid in a candy store. I look forward to those days he cracks it open and gives me carte blanche on what to smoke.
  • This cigar was part of The Cigar Authority Care Package for the month of September. Today is the last day to get in for the October version.
  • These cigars are only available for sale until Tuesday night; then the remainder goes back into David’s personal collection.
  • Despite working for Two Guys Smoke Shop I am given full creative control of The Cigar Authority website. My reviews are my own and not controlled by the store. We often have philosophical differences over my ratings but I cannot be bought.
  • I wish I smoked one 5 years ago to see how much the age has changed things, but the cigar is smooth and balanced and definitely enjoyable.
  • In the last third of the cigar I had my afternoon cup of Cuban Coffee at the time of review.
  • Smoking time was just over 2 hours.
  • In a rarity for me, I used a pushpin to smoke this way past the nub.
  • FYI, I’m still on the fence as to what the wrapper was.
Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje

Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje

Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje Foot

Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje Foot

Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje Burn

Two Guys 25th by Tatuaje Burn


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