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A few weeks ago, I saw our good friend Oliver post a photo on his Instagram (@HavanaDaydreamin) of a cigar I was familiar with, but had never seen. Showcased in the image was an Atabey in a lancero size, another beautiful piece of artwork by Nelson Alfonso. I had to have it for this review. So luckily, I was able to get my hands on one so I could share my thoughts with you. This is the Atabey Lancero.

Atabey Lancero

What am I smoking?
Cigar Review: Atabey Lancero
Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Vitola: Lancero
Production Number: Unknown

Atabey Lancero Cap

First Impressions
This is a cigar with quite a bit of mystery, as there is no information that I could dig up on it. It appears to be of a standard lancero size (7×38 or close to it). And let me tell you, the Atabey Lancero looks and feels heavenly. The construction is flawless, there are no veins to speak of nor seems that are immediately visible. The foot is densely packed with light and dark tobaccos that give off a rich aroma. The head of the cigar is also fitted with a traditional pigtail cap that can be found on many other brands of the came size, notably of the Cuban variety. Notes of sweet cedar and must are prevalent, and the prelight draw offers up that alongside notes of white pepper and earth.

Atabey Lancero Foot

The Smoke
After toasting the foot, the smoke starts to build in volume after each puff. Nuances of that same white pepper and cedar are balanced by a toffee like sweetness that comes from the wrapper. The finish is incredibly complex, seeming to change drastically as it fades away. There is certainly a Cuban style influence to this blend, and I’m also surprised by the draw. Typically, lancero sized cigars tend to have major issues with being rolled too tight or even plugged up completely. This, however, is of normal draw resistance. Very pleasing to see.

Into the second third, the body picks up slightly and notes begin to evolve into a more woody and earthy profile. Nuances of citrus and salted caramel are noticeable in the background of the smoke, complimented by a soft mouthfeel. This Atabey is performing exceedingly well in the construction department as well, showing off a burn line that hasn’t wavered one bit since the start. I have to also mention that the wrapper to filler ratio truly gets this beautiful leaf to shine in a rich and luxurious way.

Finishing up on the cigar after about the one hour thrity minute mark, and it’s still getting more complex as I work my way to the nub. Notes of raisins and toasted bread are in the lead as hints of more white pepper give the smoke texture. The finish lasts for quite some time, bringing it down slow for a memorable experience. I was most impressed by the way the cigar did not heat up like I thought it was going to. I had about 3/4 of an inch before I had to put it down. And even then, the flavor remained top notch.

Atabey Lancero Burn

Final Thoughts
After all is said and done, I am very glad I was able to try this blend in this vitola. Having smoked all the other sizes available in the Atabey line, this was most certainly a treat. From start to finish, it performed just like its big brothers. The subtle complexities and big flavor was more than pleasing to the palate. I’m unsure if these will becoming more widely available, but if they do, I’m putting away some cash for a jar. We will be featuring this cigar in an upcoming Cigar Authority podcast, so be on the lookout!

Rating: 97
Price: TBD

Atabey Lancero Finish

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