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UPS No Longer To Handle Tobacco Weighing Less Than 4 pounds per 1,000

In recent days United Parcel Service has visited shippers of tobacco products with an agreement form prohibiting the shipment of tobacco products that weigh less than 4lbs per 1,000. These products are known in the industry as “Little Cigars.” According the the UPS website, the new measures being enforced are due to the FDA’s Final Rule which can be found at

“Little Cigar” means any roll for smoking made of tobacco, wrapped in either paper or any form of tobacco (including homogenized tobacco or natural leaf tobacco), that either (a) weighs 4 pounds or less per 1,000 rolls or (b) has a filter made of cellulose acetate or any other integrated filter.

According to the agreement, “UPS shall have the right to demand from Shipper evidence that Shipper has complied with all applicable laws and regulations. UPS shall also have the right to audit Shipper at any time and for any reason.” The agreement goes on to add, “UPS shall have the right to suspend delivery services for a shipper, or to terminate this Agreement immediately and to cease providing service to Shipper if Shipper fails to comply with any provisions of this Agreement and/or any applicable laws or regulations.

The entire document can be viewed at

Premium Cigars currently meet the requirement, meaning they will still be handled by UPS.

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