Via Havana El Morro Maduro – Cigar Review

I was rummaging through the humidor this morning looking for a cigar I haven’t had in a while. As soon as I saw a Via Havana peek out under some other sticks in my collection, I dug it out. These cigars come out of the country of Costa Rica and are made by a company called Cuba Rica Tabaclera, a brand which makes several different high quality blends.

What am I Smoking?
Cigar: Via Havana El Morro Maduro
Wrapper: Ecuador Maduro
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Length: 6 Inches
Ring: 52
Power: 7 / 10

Packaging & Design
All cigars from Via Havana arrive packaged in 20 count wooden boxes, where each different wrapper shade has a different color box. The maduro that I’m smoking today is housed in a dark blue box to signify that. On top of the lid is a large seal with the brands logo which is a classic car parked on the sidewalk of what looks like Havana, Cuba. Stamped into the front and sides are the size designations, this being the El Morro 6×52.

First Impressions
Looking at the cigar itself and it is dark and oily as can be. It shows off a rich looking maduro wrapper that is smooth to the touch and has quite a bit of heft in the hand. The smell from the unfinished foot is alluring with the scent of coffee and leather, and using my trusty perfect cutter, tasting notes from the prelight draw show off the same thing.

The Smoke
Right away after lighting with this awesome Vertigo torch, this thing starts pumping out the smoke like a techno dance club in the 90’s. Huge notes of leather and cinnamon set in quickly and leave a silky smooth finish in its wake. The draw is nice and open with a slight bit of resistance which after 15 minutes is making for a slow burn. Speaking of the burn, so far there are no issues to speak of construction wise.

The second third opens up with more cocoa sweetness and an earthy element that adds a nice complexity to the smoke. Notes of rich aged tobacco make the overall profile pop and plays off the other flavors wonderfully. The wrapper on the Via Havana maduro tastes amazing combined with this filler blend.

The final third is where this cigar really shines. Soft notes of black pepper and leather play off notes of salted caramel and molasses while the notes of cocoa and earth start to fade away. It’s rare that I find myself chewing on a cigar, but alas, I’ve found myself chewing on a cigar.

Final Thoughts
I’m glad I decided to revisit this blend after so long. I remember why I used to smoke these all the time, and I have a feeling I’m about to go on another Via Havana kick. These are a great cigar to keep in the humidor if you want something thats consistently good. Via Havana is a brand that not a lot of people know about, but I think it’s about time more people got to know them.

Rating: 92
Price: $8.99 / $159.99 (Box of 20)


Via Havana Maduro

Via Havana Maduro

Via Havana Maduro Box and Band

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