VODCast: The Big Are Getting Smaller

In Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver was held captive by the people of Lilliput before he reached an agreement with the King where he would be permitted to roam free as long as he didn’t hurt the small people of the Island. Eventually he was charged with Treason before escaping. One could look at this tale and draw similarities to the Cigar Industry.

The big companies are out to hurt the little companies, but have those small companies turned the tide? It appears the big are getting smaller, but are the little companies getting bigger? Regardless, the cigar industry is changing and we will take a look at what’s going on as well as some major changes in Nicaragua.

In the first hour we will fire up the JFR Lunatic Loco which comes to us from Aganorsa Leaf who just might be playing a part in this novel of cigar life.

In the second hour we fire up the Jose Dominguez Natural Grande from The Cigar Authority Care Package as we continue the discussion on the changes happening in cigar country.

We will have this all the usual suspects including Versus, Offer of the Day, Cigar News and a peek into the Asylum. The Cigar Authority is a member of the United Podcast Network and is recorded live in front of a studio audience at Studio 21 Podcast Cafe upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, NH and as always you can find many of the cigars we discuss at https://www.2GuysCigars.com/.

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