Wiseman Firecracker Cigar Review

There are a few things certain in life. Taxes, Death, and the United Cigars Firecracker Limited Edition. Aside from the regular production United Firecracker there is always the anticipation of which manufacturers band will adorn the 3.5” x 50 vitola with the original wick as the cap. This year’s collaboration is with Foundation Cigar Company and in true Firecracker form, President and master blender, Nicholas Melillo delivered excellence with the Wiseman Maduro Firecracker.

This year the cigar sees wider distribution with the bulk of the cigars going to Two Guys Smoke Shop and their online entity, 2GuysCigars.com where they will go on sale Monday, June 28th at 10am.

Cigar Review: Wiseman Maduro
 Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaraguan Corojo Jalapa
Filler: Nicaraguan Jalapa, Esteli
Length: 3.5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Firecracker

The Look: Like years past the cigars come in 20 count boxes, however over the years the format of the box layout has changesd from 4 rows of 5 cigars in a vertical format to the current two rows of 10 format. New this year is a secondary band, denoting United Cigars under the Wiseman Maduro band. Additionally, this year the cigar sees the fuse affixed to the cigar making it easier to smoke through.

The Notes: The cold draw sees a lot going on with the taste of graham crackers, earth and cedar while the foot serves up an aroma of mocha and raisins. Once the cigar is lit in true Firecracker fashion there is an aggressive pepper that awakens the senses.

The first half sees the early-aggressive pepper transform into a cayenne along with some dark chocolate notes that give the cigar a taste profile similar to Lindt’s Chili Dark Chocolate bar. The cayenne and dark chocolate provide an excellent contrast that makes the cigar seem like the perfect desert after a hearty dinner. As the first third comes to a close a touch of leather begins to emerge on the long finish of the cigar that is highlighted by cayenne pepper.

Moving into the second half the cayenne pulls back considerably from the palate as the dark chocolate note becomes more of a mocha with a subtle caramel. The cayenne pepper doesn’t totally disappear as it remains on the resting aroma of the cigar with some leather on the long finish.

The Finish: Each year before their release I often get asked by friends of The Cigar Authority how it compares to previous Firecrackers. In a sense this is an unfair question as every Firecracker to date offers a unique experience to the brand and blend. This year, the Firecracker returns to being an explosive cigar. After my first one I declared it was Top 3. However, as I have smoked 4 of the 5 that David Garofalo allowed me to purchase before heading on vacation I now believe it is Top 2. It’s everything the Firecracker should be and more.

Score: 94
Price: $7.49 / $139.99 (SOLD OUT)

Wiseman Maduro Firecracker

Wiseman Maduro Firecracker Foot

Wiseman Maduro Firecracker Burn

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