Zino To Present Graphic Leaf Humidor Collection

Modern Cigar Living – Zino is set to present its new Graphic Leaf Humidor Collection

Basel, November 2015. This new Zino Graphic Leaf Humidor Collection is inspired by tobacco leaves, the very essence of cigars.

“This new Zino collection will delight aficionados looking for contemporary humidors to take the utmost care of their fine cigars. These bright and dynamic designs reveal in a surprising and unique way the tobacco leaves’ grain, veins and structure,” explained Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Launch and availability
The new Graphic Leaf Humidors are available in four colours, each featuring two different tobacco leaf designs:

Capacity: 50 – 60 cigars
Size: 425 x 262 x 160 mm
Features: 1 Slim regulator
Price per humidor: $530

These Zino Graphic Leaf Humidors will be available at Davidoff Appointed Merchants/Depositaires and at Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide, starting in November 2015.

The history of Zino humidors
Enjoying a fine cigar, has developed into a unique and superior form of art. By Zino Davidoff himself, the world’s most respected connoisseur of cigars, his line has created a vast regiment of followers and aficionados who appreciate modern living. Zino represents a more contemporary take on cigar storage, aimed at cigar aficionados who care for their cigars and style. It celebrates the beauty of tobacco leaves and is a perfect gift for connoisseurs .

In order to ensure an optimal but modern storage of exquisite cigars Zino offers a variety of individually handcrafted humidors, available in a wide range of sizes, in different woods, finishes, clean lines and bright colours.

All Zino Cigar humidors contain a patented internal self-regulating humidification system which guarantees a constant relative humidity of 70–72% at a temperature of 65–68 °F (18–20 °C), enhancing the aroma and richness of cigars.

In addition to the Zino Humidors the connoisseur can choose from a wide range of accessories as cigar tubes and cases, cigar cutters, cigar scissors and lighters.


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