107 Year Old Man Still Smokes How Many Cigars?

Seventy-one years ago, Army man Richard Arvine Overton was fighting for his country in the South Pacific. Now, at 107, the Austin, Texas, resident is reported to be the oldest living veteran in the United States, and his plans for Memorial Day include porching it with a cigar — he smokes up to 12 a day — and a morning mug of whiskey-laced coffee. It’s part of the routine for him, and apparently it’s working. “Whiskey’s a good medicine,” said Overton. “It keeps your muscles tender.” As far as sharing war stories with comrades, however, those days are gone. “I know I had someone from my platoon until recently, but he passed so now I don’t have anyone that I know,” he said. “So I feel lonesome by myself sometimes. I would love to ask some of them some questions, but nobody is here. Everybody’s passed.”

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