Podcast: Small Smokes and Cigars in Cinema

Today on The Cigar Authority podcast, we will be doing a total 180 from last weeks show. Instead of having one MONSTER cigar, we will be smoking FOUR different small cigars (don’t try this at home, kids). In the first hour, we will light up an Italian cigar known as Toscana and a hand rolled cigar.

During the second hour, we will spark up the final two cigars; a pencil sized smoke from United Cigar and Perdomo’s Small Batch Sun Grown. Along with that, we will be talking about cigars and their role in Hollywood movies and TV. Who smoked them on set, and what were they lighting up? We will also be speculating some possible retail acquisitions in the future… Join us to find out LIVE on this weeks episode of The Cigar Authority!

Next Podcast: Small Smokes and Cigars in Cinema

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