The 2017 Cigar of the Year – Aladino Robusto

You may remember the name Julio R. Eiroa. If you don’t, he has been a tobacco grower and cigar maker since 1962, after migrating from Cuba to Honduras. Julio achieved cigar fame back in the late 1990’s with a brand called Camacho that he brought back from the unknown with his son Christian. After much success, Camacho and company was sold off to Davidoff of Geneva almost ten years ago, but Julio is back and this time with his oldest son, Justo Eiroa.

Deep in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras sits the Las Lomas Cigar Factory, home to the Eiora’s and their new brands including the flagship… Aladino.

Aladino is as an “old school” Honduran cigar. The wrapper, binder and filler leaves create this “puro” Honduran that will take the seasoned cigar smoker back. Aladino uses the famous Cuban Corojo seed that is no longer used in Cuba. This prized seed is controlled by one man, Julio Eiroa and this particular liga uses 100% Corojo in all sizes.

The name Aladino comes from the name of the movie theater that was turned into his factory where he rolls these cigars. Julio R. Eiroa grows every leaf from his own farms and the cigars are rolled in his factory and distributed by his company JRE Tobacco with his son Justo. It is a personal family project, to create the best yet, and I think they did it. Of all the cigars this past year, it was Aladino that was the best, The 2017 Cigar of the Year, the Aladino Robusto measures 5 inches with a classic ring gauge of 50, but there are many other sizes using the same blend, deciding what size smokes the best seemed to be our biggest challenge… they are all great.

CONGRATULATIONS to Julio and Justo Eiroa and all the folks at JRE Tobacco for a cigar well done.

Aladino Robusto Single – $9.99 each
Aladino Robusto Box of 20 – $200.00 $179.99 with FREE SHIPPING!



The 2017 Cigar of the Year - Aladino Robusto

The 2017 Cigar of the Year – Aladino Robusto