Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition

Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition Cigar Review

The Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition, hailing from the renowned JRE Farm in Honduras, showcases the expertise of Julio and Justo Eiroa in cultivating unique tobacco varietals. This medium-strength cigar boasts a 6 x 52 size, featuring a Sumatra Seed Wrapper grown in Honduras, along with a blend of undisclosed tobacco varieties.

The cigar presents itself with a wrapper resembling milk chocolate, adorned with slight blemishes. A visually appealing cinnamon swirl of light and dark tobaccos decorates the foot, while prominent veins are visible.

Upon ignition, the Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition greets the palate with robust cedar wood notes, intertwining seamlessly with the richness of coffee and a subtle root beer essence. The creamy texture, accented by hints of salt and cinnamon, creates a nuanced flavor profile. Some bitterness is also noticeable.

Transitioning into the second third, the initial flavor notes persist, with the coffee element subsiding to make room for a delicate Fig Newton sweetness. Leather and cinnamon emerge, contributing to the spice of the smoke.

In the final segment, the Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition maintains its core flavors, yet a heightened cinnamon presence imparts a spicy, long-lasting finish. The consistency in flavor throughout the cigar’s progression enhances its overall cohesion.

The STARS panel found the Aladino Sumatra Limited Edition to be an enjoyable smoke. However, some reviewers noted a desire for a more intricate flavor profile. The cedar and cinnamon elements were divisive, suggesting personal preference played a role in the varied strength ratings. Despite this, the overall consensus was positive, highlighting the cigar’s appeal.

Overall Score: 87.42 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 5.57 out of 10

Aladino Sumatra Limited EditionThis blind review (Cigar #6-A) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising of: Paul Nabs, Drew Seruya,  Scott Trepow, Joe Hallett, Chris LeBlanc, Shayne D, Chris Safranski, Brett Yannalfo, & Rob.

Price: $16.19 per single, $287.99 per box of 20

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