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All Saints St. Francis Toro Cigar Review

Released in the summer of 2021, the All Saints Cigars St. Francis has quickly become a standout in the world of cigars, earning the prestigious title of the 2021 Cigar of the Year by The Cigar Authority. Crafted at Rocky Patel’s Tavicusa Cigar Factory in Nicaragua, this cigar boasts a blend of quality tobacco, featuring an Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler.

The All Saints St. Francis Toro presents itself with a velvety dark chocolate brown wrapper. Its smooth texture and box-pressed form showcase great craftsmanship. The cigar is well-packed, and no visible veins add to its overall appeal.

Upon lighting, the initial draw reveals a creamy dark chocolate essence, accompanied by a distinct black pepper kick. The presence of cedar adds a touch of woodiness, while a subtle saltiness and barnyard notes provide a well-rounded flavor profile.

As the journey progresses into the second third, the pepper and cedar notes intensify, enhancing the overall complexity. The chocolate and salty undertones persist, accompanied by a subtle sweetness and the earthy barnyard notes continue. This deeper profile adds strength to the flavor, keeping the experience intriguing.

Entering the final third, the pepper maintains its presence without overpowering the palate. Chocolate notes become more pronounced, joined by the introduction of espresso. The cedar remains consistent, and barnyard notes linger, leading to a sweet and smoky finish that leaves a lasting impression.

The All Saints St. Francis Toro delivers a very smooth smoking experience with a solid construction that speaks to the quality of its craftsmanship. The slow increase in strength and seamless transition of flavors make this cigar not only interesting but truly enjoyable. As one reviewer aptly stated, “Cigars like this are why we smoke cigars!”

Overall Score: 90.16 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 5.71 out of 10

All Saints St. FrancisThis blind review (Cigar #6-D) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising Sam Frishman , Tyler Ceola, James Elliott, Rick Galletta, JB Smith, Rob Brown, George, and Hudson

Price: $10.49 per single, $205.99 per box of 20

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