Arkansas Legislature Introduces Tobacco 21 Bill

In the state of Arkansas Representative Lee Johnson (R-75) has introduced a bill that would raise the tobacco purchase age to 21 in the state. House Bill 1519 has picked up 17 sponsors including Representatives Fred Allen (D-30), Mary Bentley (R-73), Harlan Breaux (R-97) , Joe Cloud (R-71), Bruce Coleman (R-81), Bruce Cozart (R-24), Brian S. Evans (R-43), David Hillman (R-13), Jasen Kelly (R-28), Fredrick J. Love (D-29), Stephen Magie (D-72), Jay Richardson (D-78), Stu Smith (R-63) along with Senators Missy Irvin (R-18), Cecile Bledsoe (R-3), Jane English (R-34), Kim Hammer (R-33).

The bill is summarized as an act to prohibit the sale of tobacco products, vapor products, alternative nicotine products, E-liquid products, and cigarette papers to a person under twenty-one (21) years of age; and for other purposes.

The bill has yet to be assigned to a committee at the time of this posting.

HB1519 on Scribd

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